Massage Workshops, speaking, teaching group, one-on-one Brighton Michigan-southeast

Debra Neirinck currently offers weekly massage therapy sessions to patients at the McLaren Oakland Hospital in downtown Pontiac, Michigan.


From One-on-One Coaching to Corporate Wellness

In addition to offering specialized massage therapy sessions in her office, Debra Neirinck also offers the following services to individuals and organizations:

  • On-Site Massage Therapy to Individuals in Medical/Rehabilitative Settings
  • On-Site Massage Therapy to Hospitals
  • On-Site Massage Therapy to Medical, Rehabilitative and Group Living Organizations
  • One-on-One Coaching on Compassionate Touch Caregiving
  • Corporate Wellness

No matter the environment or the mental or physical challenges present, Debra is ready to create a safe, comfortable and effective program to help ease those challenges. From parents looking for physical ways to comfort their children’s anxiety to cancer patients in need of relaxation and a respite from the rigor of treatment, Debbie applies years of experience to successfully induce relaxation and healing in all of her clients.

If you or your organization would like to discuss the circumstances at hand and explore the ways that Debra can help address those circumstances, please feel free to email her or fill out the form below.