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Reiki Energy Medicine [Effective Healing from a Light Touch]

Underpublicized and often misunderstood, Reiki energy medicine is an effective, nonintrusive practice that addresses health issues from an entirely different angle.

What is Reiki Energy Medicine?

Reiki is a Japanese technique that aids the body in releasing stress and tension by allowing positive energy to flow into the client’s body through the hands of a trained practitioner. It’s a treatment that’s been practiced in the Eastern cultures for thousands of years. The National Institute of Health recognizes Reiki as a form of alternative medicine and defines it as “energy medicine.”

Reiki energy medicine is safe for even the most medically frail.

Just like we know that Wi-Fi is available in a certain environment even though we can’t see it, our body’s energy fields are present and flowing constantly, even though we can’t see them. To continue the metaphor, we are able to use certain tools to test the presence of Wi-Fi, and in the case of the body’s energy fields, we’re also able to measure electrical activity in the body using medical diagnostic tools. A specially trained Reiki practitioner has learned how to use his or her energy to balance another body’s energy by sensory perception alone.

Where There are Ailments There is Blocked Energy

Starting from birth, the human form encounters mental and physical challenges and trials, and these result in a blockage of the movement of the energy throughout the body.

Unreleased stress can cause minor aches to major health concerns, such as heart disease and digestive disorders. Reiki energy medicine releases bodily stress by opening up the body’s energy so it can flow freely.

How a Certified Reiki Therapist Can Help

A certified Reiki therapist’s goal is to balance and heal the energy of the client’s body. The practitioner acts as a facilitator for the client’s energy which moves on its own but because of the blockages is benefited by a boost from the practitioner.

The practitioner either hovers the hands over the body of the client or very gently lays their hands on the client’s body, focusing on the locations of the major organs in the body.

Hands-Off or Hands-On

This is a therapy that is administered with the client fully clothed on top of the table, with hands-on or hands-off options. While this therapy benefits everyone, it is the perfect treatment for people who don’t like to be touched.

Documented Benefits of Reiki Energy Medicine

There are numerous documented benefits of Reiki energy medicine including the following:
• Reduction in anxiety and depression
• Relief from physical pain
• Reduction in side effects from cancer treatment
• Activation of relaxation response
• Improvement in wound healing
• Improvement in quality of life

Who Can Benefit from Reiki Energy Medicine?

Reiki will complement your current treatment and promote your body’s natural state of healing. We all use energy healing instinctively when we have pain. One of countless examples: What do you do when you have a toothache? You hold your hand to the area of pain until it feels better. Reiki is safe for even the most medically frail.

There are only 3 contraindications that would prevent treatment using energy medicine:

  • Unset broken bones
  • Alcohol or drug consumption within 24 hours
  • Psychotic disorders

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